Communication Skills


Thank you for the wonderful learning experience. From here on, I have a strong foundation to build upon. I gained both theoretical and practical insights into what constitutes effective communication. Your way of teaching made it very interesting. You ensured that we were involved and participating at all times. I was quite conscious on the first day but I definitely feel these 6 days have changed me for the better.
I have a better understanding of what to work on to further improve my skills and feel lucky to have attended these sessions. To add, the videos and examples throughout the session will stay with me for a long time! They really helped me understand better.
Thank you!


Thank you for welcoming us for the classes. The session on Communication Skills Development was interesting and insightful. Unlike the traditional sessions, Video classes require herculean effort to keep the participants interested throughout the duration. You clearly carried it out like a pro. I like the part where you encourage the learner’s participation and take time out to listen to input.
Thanks once again.


Dear Sir,
I attended the Communication Skills Development Program conducted by you recently.
Back in my school and college days, I was opinionated, strong and a positive person who believed in showcasing my talents and excelling in everything despite physical shortcomings. But, as I grow older, people’s constant strong criticisms, too much of concerns, their sympathetic looks made me feel uncomfortable and less worthy of myself. I started hiding myself and my expressions and started seeing myself through their eyes.
After a long time, I revisited my potential through these sessions. Initially, I was little hesitant but later on I started participating and exploring my talents. The sessions were informative and interactive. The content was good and easy to understand and incorporate in life. Thank you for making me part of this program. I am truly benefitted.


Dear Sir,
1. The session, especially the video recording made me realise that I’m still not as easy and fluent as I am in the real world. That was a eye opener.
2. You explained areas of improvement about the posture I should maintain and that I never knew about.
3. All the presentations were crisp and clear.
4. The way you approach the program makes it more interesting. So the presentation is also very good.

Siddharth M

Dear Sir,
I had attended the communication Skills Development Program conducted by you.
The program helped me to identify key areas for improvement and also how to do it.
Your presentation and way of expressing is very positive.
It has improved my confidence and self esteem as earlier I was always conscious about speaking in English.
Thank you.


Dear Sir,
I really can’t forget your training session, it was very insightful , informative and practical session. The real life examples that you gave made the concepts more memorable. Thank you for that great session.

From Associates

M. N. Rajeev, AGM (Training), Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

“Mr. Kesavan has his own inimitable style as a trainer. He is able to reach out to his audience effortlessly ensuring their interaction while at the same time retaining the dignity of the trainer which is most essential for learning to happen. The value of such an approach cannot be over emphasized particularly in the present times when there is a thin line between entertainment and learning.”

S Thulasinathan, Sr. Manager – HR & Admn, Cameo Corporate Services Limited.

“Good learning Great case studies and role plays. His training program is a must attend for every manager”

H. Balachandran, General Manager, IMS Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd. Egmore, Chennai 600040

“I have known EMSI for more than 10 years now and continue to be impressed with the work done on developing and executing training programs. In my assignments with IMS and Everonn Systems, I had the opportunity to seek help from Mr. Kesavan to train not only my new teams but also students who had registered for various programs. His easy style of training, ability to connect with each participant, comprehensive modules and post training support has been consistent in all these years. The feedback got from all the programs that he has conducted with us has been excellent. We wish him luck in future and hope we get opportunities to work with him on some ground breaking training areas.”

From Participants

Renuka Nerella

I have attended the “MANAGERIAL EFFECTIVENESS” behavioral training program for 2 days conducted by Mr S. Kesavan on 20.11.17 to 21.11.2017.
The content of the course was informative & apt for the present day’s requirement.
Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which are quoted by the trainer, Mr. Kesavan made the training program all the more enjoyable and interesting. A wonderful practical course delivered by a very knowledgeable trainer.
Renuka Nerella
ICICI Bank Ltd

S. Krishnan

1. Interactive session. 2. Time frame of each topic was optimum. This enabled better understanding of topics. 3. Very useful for leadership positions. Got insights into better handling of employee engagements. 4. Engagements during the session was thought provoking which enabled reflection on decision making. 5. Easy accessibility. Providing necessary accessibility for communicating on topics of specific individuals was an outstanding one. This gives the participants a lot of confidence, correct and improve where ever required.


Kesavan Sir’s Training sessions are the best I can say. I have attended 2 training sessions “Personal Effectiveness” and “Interpersonal Skills”. After completion of each exercise in the session, sir guided us how our learnings from the particular exercise can be put into our day-to-day action plan. Sir drives the sessions through case studies where we can relate the situations in day-to-day lives. Sir teachings will be both theoretical as well as in practical approach. A set of motivational videos that are played during the sessions adds up the value for our learnings. As a Alumni of Icici bank, I got a great learning from attending Sir’s sessions.


Kesavan sir,
I am very much inspired with your session. In fact learnt many things in terms of communication, inter-action with other team and easy of doing tasks…
Thank you so much for your guidance. I am really happy and grateful for having participated in your session.

Dr. Brinda

The Self Mastery workshop was much much better than I had expected it to be. When I reviewed the syllabus for the workshop, I considered maybe doing some and not all – but I am very glad that I did them all. Mr Kesavan worked hard and did an excellent job at tailoring the contents to suit the needs of a small group of individuals from various backgrounds. It was structured and presented very well. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Aman Verma

As part of our mandatory courses in ICICI, I got an opportunity to attend Mr. Kesavan’s workshop.
It was one of the best workshops I’d attended. The delivery, flow & pace of the workshop was amazing and suited to all kinds of participants. The sessions were very interactive & fun-filled.
The complex concepts were delivered in a very understandable format, which helped me retain those concepts till date.

V. Senthil Kumar

To me Mr. Kesavan’s training has always met my expectations. It is the confidence I gained attending his various sessions that has enabled me to become an Entrepreneur since 2018.
Of course there is a long way to go, but one thing I would never forget is the BASICS in life that have been grounded and infused in my blood stream through the training programs conducted by Mr. Kesavan.
The Reason I still remember and use certain learning’s in my day to day life is because Mr. Kesavan used to always focus on:
a. Content being simple and hence easily digestible
b. Crystal clear communication
c. Relating concepts to current transactions
d. Involving participants in his programs and finally
e. Creating a positive impact both personally and professionally.
All the best Mr. Kesavan. Continue Rocking. ??
V. Senthil Kumar
Proprietor Samvriddhi Logistics

Hitesh Naik

15 years ago, Lanson Toyota was my first sales job at an automobile dealership. With zero experience, I took Mr. Kesavan’s trainings those day’s very seriously and practiced it ardently in my career all along till date. Thank you, Sir for your fun filled sessions. I truly got inspired a lot and enjoyed every one of them. Cheers!

George L

1.We have learned time management from you only …in a very nice way you used to tell that how each minute is important
2.Training you taught us not something which we can study as theory and forget …All you given real life practices, practical theories how we can use to enrich our mind and life.
3.I never think that your trainings only for work perspective even students in college they have to attend your training programs so that they can give best out of them in interview and job.
Your programs are very useful which motives us to reach our heights …it will be great if its happen often or once its online you can invite us to join …We all are always ready to hear from you
Waiting to hear from you lot in next training sessions
George L


You are a very engaging trainer and covered a range of topics which appealed to everyone. I found the workshop refreshing and motivating. Very insightful and interactive. Presentations were interesting, good slides and videos that kept us all engaged. I would recommend the course as it provides good learnings on how to manage teams efficiently. The workshop is practical and informative. Intensive, but well paced. Very useful team building exercises. In fact all of the exercises were on a scale of good to excellent.
Thank you ??

Archita Dutta

Your sessions were well organized and easy to follow. The content was relevant to my professional life. I learnt how to manage my time well, be efficient and effective at the same time.
The games were innovative and helped us to bond as a team.
You always encouraged everyone to take part in the discussions and you also knew how to make the introvert people open up and make it a meaningful session for them as well.

The thing which i like about you and your sessions is that you are a strict disciplinarian and all the sessions started on time. This was very important as most of the times we get caught in the ‘chalta hai’ attitude and forget that we need to respect our time as well as that of others’ …. so your sessions reminded us that no matter how big or small you are in the corporate world , you have got to respect time and discipline has to be maintained by each participant.

Sachin Kadam

I attended the 2 day session at ICICI Bank with Kesavan Sir which was focused on leadership development. The course was inspiring and gave me better insights. Kesavan sir combines his talent as trainer with great listening skills and ability to teach concepts in a simple manner. I appreciate his efforts and passion which makes him a engaging speaker. Thank you for a great experience.

Sankar Ramakrishnan

Sankar Ramakrishnan
I am Sankar Ramakrishnan, one of the trainees who was a part of your training session on Passion on 5th and 6th May, 2014. The training was indeed a great one. I was really impressed with the way it was conducted and things were explained. I had got to learn a lot in the session which has helped me in developing my personality and shaping my career over these years. I take this opportunity to thank you for the valuable learnings in that session. Keep sharing such valuable inputs in future as well.
Thanks & Regards
Sankar Ramakrishnan

Mohd Ansari

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the impeccable training provided by you to us on 3rd & 4th of june. I would like to share my true feelings regarding the training.
The training has brought within me vibes of positivity & I feel that I am really going to do something good with my life may be sooner or later.
Would like to thank you from the core of my heart & would request your guidance at some or the other stage of my life, I am sure ‘not often’.
Thank you once again on behalf of the team.


Respected Keshav San
I still vividly remember your training I had attended in 2004.
What iam today is significantly from your training and grooming.
Even today at times I reach you for solutions for myself and my team.
Thank You for always being with me and motivating me.
Team Lanson Toyota

Bharat K

I have attended your multiple training programs organized by you. Your way of training to students has always been very unique and exemplary. Lots of live examples and participating methods are very effective in understanding core subject and implement whenever required in real life scenario.

I hope to attend many more such valuable trainings from you in future. Thank you for imparting knowledge and wisdom.
Bharat Khakhar

George Thomas

I had attended 2 training programs of Sankar Kesavan Sir while working with ICICI Bank where he was empaneled for Corporate Training. I have attended numerous training sessions during my 15-year career, and I need to mention that he was one of best I have come across. His sessions have always been interactive, energetic & practical. It had too many logical and real time examples to correlate the study along with some beautiful video clips.
Though I have not attended his training in quite some time now, we have been in touch since the first day we met and I have been closely following him in social media. His thoughts and shares have always been inspirational.
If you happen to be part of his training session, I can assure you that it would be worth it.

Dushyant Gohel

Dear sir,
Greetings from Ahmedabad !
Let me first of all thank you for giving me the opportunity to gain the valuable knowledge from you.
Ours was a very short meet but I  really wish that the training should have been lasted for few more days.
I have attended many trainings in my current and in my previous jobs,  the kind of feel, knowledge & information your training gave, has left a ever lasting impression on me, reason been I found the
entire three days  indicating something to me. Sir, just to share my personal life, I have lost everything that was very near to me because of my unorganised scheduling, my aggressive behaviour, my self boosting and not listening to others. Specially the my high  I score opened my eyes and made me realize  why I lost in my personal  and professional  life.
Your each and every video and every example  you shared made me realize I need to  change and what I need to  do in future.
If somebody ask  me what I am I say I am not DBM at but the CBM / RH in making. But your training made me realize what I need to do, its like standing in a church does not makes you  Christian, just thinking of being CBM will not make me so. I have decided I will put all what you taught and reach my dreams. I am thankful to  you to make me realize my dreams and giving me the technique to be so.
Your life itself is an example with endless experiences which we can learn from. Thanks again for your valuable inputs ,  it was a wonderful learning experience for me.
Sir, if you could send the links and clips, it will  help me in my journey to change.
God bless you and your family. Have a great life ahead.
Thanks & regards,

Rajalakshmi Anandaraj

Dear sir…… The seeds that you have sowed will surely grow and give benefits not only to us but for people around also.
Friends ,
I think we are some of those fortunate people who get chance to realize the purpose of being in this world.
There would have been many days in the past gone in vain …..but not anymore.
Let’s make every minute of our life meaningful  & happy .
All the best to all for a fantastic life !!! 🙂

Mohd Nayab Ansari

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the impeccable training provided by you to us on 3rd & 4th of june. I would like to share my true feelings regarding the training.
The training has brought within me vibes of positivity & I feel that I am really going to do something good with my life may be sooner or later.
Would like to thank you from the core of my heart & would request your guidance at some or the other stage of my life, I am sure ‘not often’.
Thank you once again on behalf of the team.


Dear Kesavan Sir,
I have been grateful for such a wonderful experience in my life regarding our own personal effectiveness. You taught us a lot how to protect our golden eggs of our life which are very useful .
As this is the start of my carrier , I will put forth all your guidance to be a better human from now on .
I wish I’ll get your guidance throughout my life .
Thanking you

Sankar Ramakrishnan

Dear Sir,
I am Sankar Ramakrishnan, one of the trainees who was a part of your training session on Passion on 5th and 6th May, 2014. The training was indeed a great one. I was really impressed with the way it was conducted and things were explained. I take this opportunity to thank you for conducting such a good session.
I have learnt a lot from this training. I will implement as many learnings as possible in my work and personal life.
I sincerely request you to share useful  materials related to this training or any other thing which you feel appropriate. This will certainly help in improving myself further
Thanks & Regards

Chitra Viswanathan

Self Mastery class was very useful to me. I chose to attend the class to learn to communicate effectively.
What I liked most in the class was the Video Clippings for Motivation, Public Speaking, and Achieving Goals which made my mind to believe it’s possible. Secondly, the fun activities which integrated the group. Thirdly, interacting with all gave us more ideas.
I realized myself in what I have done and what I have to do, what are my Success and Failures,
I am now convinced that success comes only when we come out of our comfort zone to competent zone. I learnt how to make Goals with time frames and achieve them. Making Time was really useful. Log sheet made me realize my Time Wasters.
I am going to prepare my To Do list daily, look into my goals regularly. I am planning to add pictures in my goals sheet to make it more visual.
I learnt to actively listen and to respond. I shall be more assertive when I communicate. I need to concentrate on my tone and body language. Now when I listen I consciously identify the feelings of the speaker which I rarely did earlier.
I would read the notes frequently till I sub consciously practice what I learnt.
I am really happy that I attended all the classes.
Thank you Mr. Kesavan for everything you taught us. Each day was interesting and new learning experience.
I would like doing awareness talks and presentations in Tamil.

Sowmya Sree

I am Sowmya , one of your Trainee in Managerial Effectiveness Training program.
This Program has helped me a lot for putting my work in proper planned way. Every
day I have started using the tips you have suggested in our daily work lyf.
Thank a lot for your guidance.
Thanks & Regards,

Santosh Dorna

Dear Kesavan Sir,
It was a wonderful experience for last 2 days of my training .I am very happy to start the year 2012 in a assertive manner. With your training I got the clear vision of my goals to achieve and specially your balloon exercise, help me to know my communication skills and decision making part. You maintain the good classroom atmosphere which help us to visualize our past, present and future. Thanks a lot, for giving expert tips of behavior on work station as well as off the work station.
Thanks a lot Sir, for your help and support

Shridevi kolwan

Dear Sir,
Thanks for conducting such an enthusiastic and wonderful training.

Lalta Jain

Last 3 days was great days of my life.


Dear Sir,
Your training was quite informative and interesting, we really enjoyed every bit/session of last 3 days.
Thanks a lot, Sir.
Do keep in touch.

Sajiv kumar K V

Dear sir,
Training was very much informative and motivating.  I really enjoy the sessions Thank U very much sir for your great support…………..
Thanks and regards


Rafi, You are right.
Thanks for the initiative to send the mail.
The main attraction was the fillers used to have our participation especially post lunch.
Thank you so much sir

Shanmugham Yadav,

Self  fortunate to attend this training, & be a part of this group , lot of sharing and training input on personal developments – good learning. Let’s keep in touch friends, & share experiences, on the way of making our life to the optimum.
Thanks and regards,

T. K. Chandirasegar

Dear Sir,
In continuation of the appended mail from Rafi, I completely acknowledge the training stuff which u have given to all of us.
Please do send us any informative subject or any humorous mail which can be shared. And, now-a-days listening or watching a humor is really interesting.


Dear All,
I thank Kesavan sir for his awesome and informative training. I was really enjoying it every moment. Especially examples of small video clippings. It’s really interesting and very useful. Thank u very much sir.


Dear Sir,
This is vikram, just I want to share my feelings in your training programme. I really enjoyed your Training programme & I have learnt many things which I need to implement & your training programme was different by showing relevant Topic Movies & I was impressed the way you have made the session successful by making us more interactive. I think this is my best training programme ever.
Thanks & Regards,

Ramakrishna Susarla, Vijayawada

Sir it’s a great pleasure of having u as our trainer, we need some more motivations like this from u, pls share some good tips to develop in professional front as well as personal front too, last two days of work shop was awesome sir, thank u so much for ur valuable inputs…

Ashvin vithalpara

Dear Kesavan Sir,
I really enjoy training & got too much. I really thanks to u to give a lot within short period of time.
Also, give ur valuable feedback about me, that is good & area of improvements & way to reach it.
We will be in contact.
Thanking you,

Sarita Agarwal

Dear Sir,
I have attended your programme on Managerial Effectiveness. It was great learning and equally enjoyable programme.
Thanks and Regards,

Prakash Prasad

Dear Sir
I had a great learning experience with you. Thank you for your wonderful practical insight on effective management. It was the one of the Best Training.
Once again thank you !

Narendra Khajuria

Dear Sir,
I had attended training for “Personal Effectiveness” this month given by you.
It’s really helping me in my daily routine work.
Thanks and Regards,

Vamshi MN

Good Morning sir,
I am Vamshi…. I have completed my Managerial Effectiveness training yesterday.
The session was great and has given me lot of learning which I can practice and teach to my team as well.

Charles Ebinezer.J

Dear Sir,
This is  Charles from your training program which was really useful to us to build a nice relationship. It was very lively and interesting. Thanks a lot

Selva Kumar

Dear sir,
I’m Selva Kumar from Ramanathapuram who attended the “Personal Effectiveness” program in Chennai. I’m so glad that I got a chance to be in such a wonderful training program. Indeed, it was pretty useful for me. I’m not sure how far I’m gonna implement all those things that you’ve trained but I’m sure that I’ll be using as much as I could.
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to attend the training and I’m so happy to have a nice and experienced trainer.
Hoping a reply.
Thanks and Regards

Balakumaran NS

Dear sir,
Had a great learning session from you last two days. Many take away which would definitely follow at
various stages of life.
Request you to share links of videos showcased in session and also add me in your list of knowledge sharing.
Thank you once again

Girish Puthenveetil

I got promoted this year … Thanks for valuable advices … Before that training I was actually thinking of leaving the organization , but the workshop gave a lot to think … It is one of greatest achievement .. Now dare to face anything in this world … Thanks a lot …

Dinesh Kumar

Thanks for making Two days fabulous In My Life. Thanks for the knowledge and experience sharing.


u were as movtivating as ur classes….I really learned and enjoyed every second at the workshop….thank so much for ur valuable lessons..

Jayashree Yesankar

i would like to share u that Ii look after Akola, Buldhana, Washim locations tractor sale. Recently Akola hub has been evolved and here after cases will get disbursed from Akola hub. Easily i can deny the transfer by giving baby’s reason and cancel transfer but i want to bring up my location with better business and new coordinator will at least take 6 months to gain expertise so i took it as challenge and accepted transfer.  While taking decision 10 DNAs where in front of me which u inculcated within us in last training session. Thanks sir.

Sarita Agarwal

I was highly impressed with the type of knowledge you possess.
Wanted to know how do you manage to learn so many things and remain updated in every field.